European Tour players farewell Ivor Robson: video

European Tour tee announcer Ivor Robson has called his last tee announcements at the DP World Tour Championship.

To pay tribute to Robson, a number of tour pros gave their best impression of the distinctive Ivor Robson voice with mixed results.

Robson has been the European Tour’s official starter since 1975 and it’s not just his unique calling style that intrigues golfers and golf fans. Robson is known to never leave his post until all golfers have teed off – and at The Open Championship that is quite a feat.

It has been reported that Robson doesn’t have any liquid after 7pm the night before and can lose about 14 pounds (about 6 kilograms) each Open. The Open Championship won’t ever be the same again.

Here is Robson announcing his final grouping.

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