Enticing scenarios at the Australian Masters

The slower than expected ticket sales for next week’s Australian Masters in Melbourne has surprised me. Tiger Woods’s form and shenanigans may have put a few people off attending but from a purely golf point of view, the possible outcomes at Victoria Golf Club are much more enticing than last year.

Here are a few scenarios…

Tiger wins
Tiger Woods winning in 2009
Woods wants to win more than last year despite his appearance fee once again dwarfing the winners cheque.  While not a field you’d expect at a major tournament, it would bring massive confidence for Woods and naysayers will be forced to swallow their words. Tiger dressed in the gold jacket on Sunday afternoon would be much bigger news than last year and the Victorian Government would again have a grin from ear to ear.
Melbourne weather wins
Melbourne can dish up anything but with rain resembling the great flood over the past week, let’s bank on at least some showers. We won’t see the great gallery dust bowls following Tiger’s movements on course like last year, but there will be plenty of fans shielding their VB’s from the rain.
Robert or Geoff wins
Aussies always seem to start the PGA Tour year well after good form at home. These three need a win and if they get close, there will be plenty of noise down the stretch. Allenby winning would lead to a comment on the appearance fee of a golfer he just beat, and an Ogilvy victory would mean he could properly forget St.Kilda’s Grand Final defeat (which he travelled half way around the would to witness).
Cigar Guy turns up
This will happen. I’m sure of it. Maybe not original Cigar Guy but an equally ridiculous Aussie version. Who is Cigar Guy?
Sergio wins
(Muffled laughter) Sergio has looked everywhere for his golf game, except Australia. He found a scrap of it last week in Spain with a Top 10 finish and a victory would bring a tear to Spanish eyes. He is a favourite down under despite his absence and Aussies will get on board this Spanish train is he looks close to victory on Sunday. A win would restart his career.
Camilo wins
Golf clubs across Australia will be inundated with women looking to take up the game.

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  • You forgot the chuckle with your Camilo wins scenario!


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