Early review suggests Full Swing struggles with problematic PGA Tour season schedule

Australian golf’s unofficial golf movie expert has watched and reviewed Netflix’s new golf documentary, ahead of its release next week.

Many golf fans are eagerly awaiting the release of NetFlix’s Full Swing golf documentary next week.

In the style of the Formula 1 series, Drive to Survive, Full Swing follows a number of PGA Tour golfers from tournament to tournament capturing their highs and lows in a stressful, but potentially very highly-paid job.

Adrian Logue had access to the entire Full Swing series ahead of its release and has written a review for Golf Australia Magazine. And it’s a must-read.

Movie and TV show reviews can be bland and often only interesting to those who have seen the piece of cinema in question.

In contrast, Logue’s review style is detailed, acerbic, and highly entertaining and in this review, he not only critiques Full Swing but offers some interesting insights into the series structure and the lack of personal interaction inherent in professional golf.

In the end that choice might have been made for them as it will shock nobody to learn that the top professional golfers mostly exist in their own individual gilded bubbles of banality. The fleeting moments of players intermingling are usually in the most inconsequential circumstances – a bro-y high five outside the scorers hut or a lame quip in the player’s lounge.

While not overly impressed, Logue does admit that if the series falls flat, it may not be the fault of the documentary makers at all, but simply highlights the problems with the PGA Tour season schedule.

Perhaps if the top echelon of elite men’s golf consisted of a compact season of say … twenty weeks (including the majors) with every top player forced to compete in every one of those weeks, and if the season-long race actually had the prestige of a world championship then Netflix could conceivably put together a golf series with the drama and collisions of personality that we enjoy so much in Drive to Survive.


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