Dying to play golf? This may be for you

Golfers in Seattle are dying to be a part of a new golf themed cemetery.

There is an old joke about a couple playing golf in heaven. It is everything golf in heaven should be, perfectly manicured with perfect greens and fairways. When the wife asks why the husband isn’t enjoying himself, he confides that he wishes his wife hadn’t cooked him such healthy meals and they could’ve played here years ago.
A Seattle funeral home has done their best to create a little golfer’s heaven by designing a golf themed portion to their memorial park that resembles a golf hole.
The Seattle Weekly reports that the memorial golf park has space for over a thousand golf fanatics to be buried around the park which includes an 820-square foot green, a fairway, and a sand trap.
I know a few people who are keen to have their ashes scattered over their favourite golf course, and this is the sort of thing the funeral home director had in mind when this was created. 
But can you make a few putts or play a few shots when visiting loved ones? Make a couple of 30 footers in their honour? Seems only the right thing to do.

h/t Armchair Golfer and Devil Ball Golf

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