Dunny golf

This little gimmick has been around a while and I thought it’s time to bring some toilet humour to Aussie Golfer.

The Uroclub has been looked at on the site before and frankly we’re just not sure if they were taking the piss or not but with Father’s Day not too far away, we’re suggesting the potty putter may be a good investment. Golf for when you’re on the dunny. Good practise if you’re not too flush, umm flash at short putts and it gives added meaning to wiping the hole doesn’t it?


I’ll leave any more comments using the words shaft, balls and numerous others over to you.

3 thoughts on “Dunny golf

  • This is awesome. It will be a perfect Christmas gift for my BIL. He does not golf, but loves the toilet and talking about anything toiletesque!

  • What is penalty if hit it into the water hazard? LOL


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