Keeping your stats on Golf Link Mates

There are numerous websites and programs that make it easy for the average golfer to keep personal golf stats. I’ve seen plenty of wonderful home-made spreadsheets in an attempt to give clues on what part of the game to needs work.

As the official hub for all Australian golf handicapping, GolfLink has always tied in nicely with club competition rounds. Golf Link Mates is a $30 upgrade which among other things, enables you to see your rank in each competition, compare against your golf mates and keep statistics on your golf game.

Adding your own statistics has always been available for competition rounds but now Mates introduces the option to add social round stats as well.

Do you keep stats on your golf game?
Do you use GolfLink Mates to keep stats? 
Will you also add social rounds stats?

2 thoughts on “Keeping your stats on Golf Link Mates

  • I think more golfers should try and keep track of their stats. I’ve heard good things about the Golf Link program and now think I will go ahead and purchase it.

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  • I joined up golf mates about two months ago and have been adding in my comp round stats. I can’t see myself adding in my social rounds though.

    I actually have another program – i-golf scorer where I can add my stats on the fly and it uploads directly to a website. Unfortunately it’s not something that’s compatible with golf link as my phone is a Nokia. But, if there was a way for me to just add my stats while on the course, or download them from the other website, I might put them into golf link that way.


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