Defiant Allenby sticks to his story of beating, robbery: video

A defiant and at times upset Robert Allenby has appeared before the media ahead of his returns to tournament golf

Robert Allenby appeared before the media and is standing by his story that he was kidnapped, beaten and robbed after a night out in Honolulu after missing the cut at the Sony Hawaii Open.

“There has definitely been a lot of confusion but the number one thing you should all remember is my story stays exactly the same as the way I told it,” Allenby said. “I told you what I knew and I told you what someone told me. And that’s the bottom line. I never lied to anyone.”

Allenby returns to tournament golf at this week’s Waste Management Phoenix Open, and he scheduled a media conference ahead of his practice rounds.

Looking in much better shape than he did last week, Allenby was clearly angry and at times emotionally upset at the accusations of lying that have been directed at him over the past week.

“I was in a place, having a nice dinner and having a nice night, and then I became a victim.” Allenby said. “And now it’s all been turned around.”

Allenby still stands by his story he told the day after the attack – that he was out having a quiet meal with friends at a restaurant and has no recollection of anything after that. The kidnapping aspect of the story is based on what the homeless woman told him when she found him being beaten on the footpath.

Allenby says that as a result of the injuries he received, he had been suffering from headaches that have only just abated.

“My headaches have only just gone two days ago,” Allenby said. “It’s like someone stuck a knife in my eye.”

Allenby also told reporters he would prefer that the media refrain from doing their own investigation into the incident and leave that job to the local police.

“Obviously the media have decided that they’re the most amazing experts at investigations. And there is a reason why detectives in Honolulu are some of the best world.” Allenby said. “I’d really appreciate it if we just let them do their job and maybe we could get to the bottom of it.”

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  • He says he absolutely no memory from 11pm – 1:30am but he’s also 100% sure about what happened. Yep.


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