Daly arrives in Australia, practices in his pyjamas

It is great to have John Daly back in Australia. He arrived this morning and went straight out to the New South Wales Golf Course to practice in his pyjamas. He is a shade of his former self having shed 50 kilograms via a number of different methods.

In the video below he’s firing off a few balls from the 5th tee in the bright sunshine before the rains came.

This hole is a long, blind tee shot to the top of a hill. The hole then rolls down to a green place just in front of the Pacific Ocean. Not only will Daly be able to clear the hill but given a tailwind, I can see Daly getting very close to the green. It is a par-5.

Healthy and safety warning: Sunglasses should be worn while watching the following video.

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3 thoughts on “Daly arrives in Australia, practices in his pyjamas

  • nice to see that daly is there in australia…so he might be attending the event, am i right?

  • Love Long John

    Hoping he can make hte cut for once!


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