Crazy man jumps golfer; turns out to be caddy

Look out! There’s a crazy guy behind you!

It first appeared that Richard S. Johnson’s Scandinavian Masters win on Sunday would be marred with the appearance of a crazy man jumping on him after rolling in a 30 foot putt to win by a shot.

It turned out to be his caddy, Anders Timell.

P.S. The ‘S’ stands for Stanley

Photos: Julian Finney/Getty Images

2 thoughts on “Crazy man jumps golfer; turns out to be caddy

  • That was a great tournament. And the media fell in love with Timell. He got more airtime than a lot of the golfers. Great win for Johnson.

  • Timell is a sports reporter/humorist for one of the morning radio shows in Stockholm. He is the kind of guy you would like to sit around with over a few cold ones. Timmel has always followed his own path. He also plays to 3.5 at the Bro Hof course you saw on TV.

    Johnson, is a former s8boarder who took up golf late (15 yrs old). Snubbed by the Swedish National golf team, he took his clubs and moved to the U.S. where he plays the American tour exclusively. Coming back to to Sweden to see family and friends, he was playing the Masters because it’s in his back yard, and asked Anders to tote the bag.

    Timmel, who struggled mightily with the tour bag, nonetheless kept Johnson loose during the four days and, as a member of the host club, contributed some to the course management. Johnson said he would be happy if Anders didn’t lose any clubs.


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