COMMENT: The lure of tournament golf

A three-week swing of professional golf has rolled around in Australia once again, and we reflect on our love for tournament golf.


In my latest piece for Golf Link, we write about our love for tournament golf – not just watching the professionals play but the atmosphere that comes with including the tournament village and those old cardboard periscopes:

Back in the late 80s and early 90s when The Shark swam into town, golf fans would turn out in droves which meant it wasn’t always easy to see him play a shot.

And for a 10-year-old kid, four or five people deep, it was almost impossible – which is why those periscopes (mine was plastered with West End logos), were so important.

Just like those of us who would annually spend a summer day or two at the cricket, it began a tradition that holds so many great memories of summer days at the golf.

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