Charles Barkley’s golf swing is still really bad: video

Think you’re golf swing isn’t the best? Check out Charles Barkley’s.

It’s been a while since we’d seen former NBA great Charles Barkley’s golf swing and we’d begun to assume that it must have improved.

It hasn’t.

Barkley developed something that has been described as the “full-swing yips” – he stops at the top of his swing. He just can’t bring himself to get the club down without pausing at the top of his swing and as you can see in this video from a recent Champions Tour Pro-Am.

Golf coach guru Hank Haney had a go at fixing his swing a few years ago, they even made a TV show about it: The Hank Haney Project – Charles Barkley, but even he couldn’t solve Barley’s problem. Haney did manage to fix the issue on the driving range but Barkley’s mental problem resurfaced as soon as he got back on the golf course.

Barkley was once a 10 handicapper and could break 80, sadly those days are well behind him.


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