Channel 7 secures rights to broadcast 2014 US Masters on TV, online and mobile

Network Seven have secured the broadcasting rights to the US Masters golf tournament after Channel Ten’s tenure had expired.

All rumours – and actions – suggested that Ten and OneHD had given up on broadcasting golf, and were not going to extend their rights to broadcast the World Golf Championships and US Masters in 2014.

The rumours have proved correct with The Australian reporting yesterday that Channel Seven has secured a (multi-year) deal to broadcast Adam Scott’s defence at the 2014 US Masters after some competitive bidding with at least one other network (let’s assume it was Nine):

The multi-year deal brings the US Masters to Seven for the first time since the 1980s, when Nine secured the rights, losing them to Network Ten six years ago.

The deal with the Augusta National Golf Club to broadcast the Masters Tournament – regarded, next to the British Open, as one of the two most important majors – adds to Seven’s growing golf package. It is believed to have been in negotiations for many months with at least one other network in competitive bidding.

And the good news is that it seems like the new deal is set firmly in the 21st century with online and mobile broadcasting rights included:

Seven’s agreement with Augusta extends beyond exclusive free broadcast television rights to online, IPTV, mobile and Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Television.

Australian golf fans on Twitter are firmly hoping there is a real change in the way the Adam Scott’s is broadcast into Australia, particularly when it comes to high-definition coverage.

It remains to be seen if this is the case but if fans are hoping for more golf, better camera angles and less close-ups of azaleas, they may be waiting a while.

The feed is firmly controlled by Augusta National and is transmitted out to the official broadcasters around the world. It’s their tournament, so their rules.

One thought on “Channel 7 secures rights to broadcast 2014 US Masters on TV, online and mobile

  • Lets hope Seven know where the HD button is….so far that have a very poor record!!


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