Cameron Smith on Australian Open: “I really want to get this one”

Cameron Smith has his mind firmly set on two things this week: The Australian Open and meat pies.

Returning to Australia to play the Australian Open, World Cup of Golf and Australian PGA Championship, Cameron Smith has employed a different strategy this year.

By his own admission he normally relaxes a little after the Asian tournament before coming back home but this time he has his eyes firmly on raising the Stonehaven Cup.

“I’ve had a little bit of a different strategy into this year,” Smith said.

“Typically I kind of slack off after those Asian events and then come down here fresh off a couple weeks off. I’ve been working pretty hard the last couple weeks back in, Jacksonville and yeah, I really want to get this one.”

And he also has his mind set on eating as many meat pies as possible – something he misses living away from Australia.

“I think I’m going for the world record this week, for eating the most pies,” Smith said.

“I think I’ve had five already. It’s the thing I miss the most, for sure”

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