Callaway Golf Australia fights fake golf clubs

Callaway Golf Australia
The major golf brands have been trying to counter the huge market for fake golf clubs that continue to rip off consumers across the globe. I know several golfers who have unwittingly bought fake golf clubs in the false belief they were the genuine product for a big name company.
In a world first, Callaway Golf Australia are fighting back with the launch of a  major Anti-Counterfeiting initiative as part of their Callaway Golf South Pacific branch. They have introduced a certified authentic label on all of their golf clubs released across Australia and New Zealand. The unique labels, when viewed using a polarised filter,  can be used be retailers and consumers to validate the authenticity from certified resellers of the Callaway brand.
A press release from Callaway stated:

The unique Certified Authentic label featured on serialised Callaway golf clubs released by Callaway Golf South Pacific from January 1st 2011, and includes all new drivers, #3 fairway woods, hybrids, putters and the #8 iron from complete Callaway iron sets. 

Located on the inside of the shaft, just below the grip, the Callaway Golf Certified Authentic label is not featured on Callaway Golf clubs released outside of Australia and New Zealand. 

As such, consumers purchasing Callaway products outside of Callaway Golf South Pacific’s authorised retailer network will not be guaranteed of their authenticity, nor will they be entitled to the benefits of Callaway Golf South Pacific’s warranty policy.

Fake golf clubs are a huge problem in the golf industry and it seems Callaway are the first to actively do something to stop it. Callaway Golf Australia website.

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