Bubba prefers the Ryder Cup to majors

Bubba Watson contacted me. Well, communicated with me is probably closer to the truth. It was via Twitter.
I’d just expressed my dismay at Bubba Watson’s comments after he lost the PGA Championship in a playoff to Martin Kaymer. He had been informed he had played his way onto the American Ryder Cup team, “That’s all that matters to me. The win would have been great but the Ryder Cup is more important.” Watson said.
I couldn’t believe it. Maybe he didn’t quite mean it that way? As it stood, it seemed like a bit of a kick in the teeth to Martin Kaymer and the whole PGA Championship. Was this an explanation for his crazy gamble with his second shot on the final playoff hole? What would he be playing for next year? Is a Presidents Cup spot more important than the PGA Championship?
Questions circled like a one-legged duck but confirmation of the quote came from Bubba himself in the form of a tweet to Aussie Golfer:

“it’s tru”.
It was nice of him to take time out to confirm it. I’m still amazed but I’ll take his word for it. I’m guessing he’ll be first in line to compete at the Olympics in 2012 too. Let’s hope he makes the journey to Australia once again and we see him in the Presidents Cup team in Melbourne next year.

Bubba Watson on Twitter

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