British Open fun is over

That was exhausting. Watching Greg Norman in contention in the final round of a major golf championship was a little like hooking up with your ex again. Reliving the old memories is fun at first but you have a sense that it may all end up in tears once more and you really thought those days were all behind you.

Padraig Harrington played superbly and fully deserved his back to back win. He can win with or without Tiger in the field. It’s stopped some of the “what if” conversations in their tracks. Norman had a tough day in tough conditions once more and it was fun while it lasted. It certainly adds more credence to the idea you play good golf after not playing for a while.

I’m not sure I want Norman to play anymore majors even though he’s now qualified for next years’ US Masters. I’m happy now to put the Shark’s major career to rest. Let my nerves rattle over my own 4 footers again and find someone new to go out with.

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5 thoughts on “British Open fun is over

  • The 2008 open was exciting and fun, and Greg Norman certainly contributed to that in a big way.

  • Weather conditions are what made this open so tough, being able to play well in them is a real test of skill and mental application, it didn’t surprise me that the majority of players from the US tour didn’t fair well as they aren’t subject to this style of course and conditions very often, which in my humble opinion is a slight on the game!

    With or without Tiger I don’t really care for, so he wasn’t there big deal the game is bigger then one player, do you think that Harrington cares if Tiger is in the field or not, he’s gone back to back, who was the last person outside of Tiger to do this?

  • After some research….apart from Tiger in any major, US Masters – Nick Faldo (89, 90). In the Open – Tom Watson (82, 83).

  • Quality analogy of Greg Norman and an ex. Had me spluttering my morning coffee

  • I too felt like I was reliving a disappointing moment with a significant other, my ex wife.
    I felt so resigned to the outcome I was numb. You see after the first revisits you still have hope, but eventually after enough battles eagerly contested, the inability to alter the outcome is, well, inevitable.
    So, you move on. I heard that Greg called himself a Tennis player on an 18 handicap.
    Jokes aside, can anyone fault his performance given the general mediocrity shown by the rest of the field?
    P.S. the JB hi Fi ad was quite informative Aussie Golfer


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