Bridgestone release a Tiger Woods edition golf ball

Timed perfectly ahead of the next week’s Masters Tournament, Bridgestone have launched a Tiger Woods edition golf ball.

Woods currently uses the Bridgestone Tour B XS golf ball and a new edition have been released in a box with Tiger Woods on the front. Each ball has ‘TIGER’ stamped on to the side of the ball in the way Woods has marked his ball to identify it over his career.

It’s a clever bit of marketing from Bridgestone that will clearly increase sales. As part of the media release that came with the launch from Bridgestone it’s clear Tiger’s return to professional golf has been good for business.

When Woods is in the field in 2018, Bridgestone has experienced more than a 115-percent sell-through of Bridgestone Golf Tour balls with its national business partners compared to same period in 2017 when he was not playing.

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