Brian Eno vs Tiger Woods

In response to the news that Melbourne had secured (for $3 million) the appearance of Tiger Woods to play in the 2009 Australian Masters earlier this year, New South Wales Premier Nathan Rees said:

“I’d much rather Brian Eno’s work on display for the people of NSW for three weeks than Tiger Woods for three days”.

It sounded a little like saying “Well, I’ve got the latest edition of Boggle”, to the kid down the street who has just got a new BMX.

Now, it’s horses for courses and I know I’m preaching to the converted here. I’ve had a quick peek at the illumination and sound exhibits around Circular Quay and it looks pretty good and I love a good arts festival as much as the next person but let’s see exactly what Premier Rees loves so much and put it up against what Tiger is capable of showing.

I’ve sandwiched some footage of Tiger Woods in action in between a report on the art installation from Eno and an old Roxy Music track. Make up your own minds.

2 thoughts on “Brian Eno vs Tiger Woods

  • At least Tiger has all of his teeth.

    Appearance money sucks. I feel it demeans the rest of the field. It is bad enough Tiger knows he is by far the best and that everyone else knows he is by far the best and that Tiger knows that the rest of the field knows that he is the best and…

    You still should not provide show up money. Put it in the pot. Whoever wins is the best that week. Anyway, I heard he would have done it for only $2.95m.

  • I do agree but playing devil’s advocate for a minute here, I’m pretty sure Brian Eno isn’t doing his thing in Sydney for free while a whole load of other artisans are doing what they can to make a living at the same festival.


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