Bits and pieces

Here’s a few bits and pieces that have caught my eye over the past week or so:

Australian cricket legend Dean Jones is going to attempt to qualify for the seniors tours when he turns 50 in March 2011. According to Peter Stone’s article last week:

A three-handicapper, Jones has been invited to play in the Victorian PGA championship at the Sanctuary Lakes course in Melbourne next monthand he’ll maybe play a few other lesser events this year. “I see it as a great learning curve for a couple of years’ time,” he says.

Speaking of cricket, Greg “Fat Cat” Ritchie (or Mahatma Cote if you choose) has recently married Australian women’s golf star Rachel Hetherington. After being booted from the Channel 9 cricket commentary team a few years ago tried his hand at golf commentary. He now has many more golf tournaments to attend.

And speaking of marriage, up and coming Australian golfing star Sarah Jane Kenyon is now Sarah Jane Smith.

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