Bear takes off with golf bag and clubs at golf course in Canada

A black bear took a liking to a brand-new golf bag during a round at a course in Canada.

Due to the very nature of the environment, a golfer plies his trade, and it’s not uncommon for the local fauna to interfere with a round of golf. We’ve seen lots of animal golf videos, from cubs playing with flagsticks to birds taking golf balls, and kangaroos simply just getting in the way.

In Canada, it’s not uncommon to encounter black bears on a golf course, and it’s best to steer clear. On this occasion, a black bear at a golf course in British Columbia liked one golfer’s new golf bag so much, it took off with it into the woods.

The bag was secured to the back of a golf cart which was no issue for the bear. It jumped on the golf cart, tore the clubs out of the straps and took off with them into the woods.

Global News reported that it was a brand new golf bag and while the golfer has often seen bears on the course, he’d never seen one grab a bag.

Despite the fact that Gignac tried to scream at the bear and scare it off, it simply dragged it into a nearby ravine and disappeared with it.

“I can’t believe it,” he can be heard saying in the video.

“It came out of the woods, came to our carts, searched through our bags. There was no food in any of the golf bags, but for some reason, it picked my bag to pull off the cart,” he told Global News.

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