Bazza laughs off being hit by Baddeley’s ball

Blustery conditions across Royal Melbourne meant for wild golf as one spectator found out the hard way.
The Presidents Cup match featuring Aaron Badddley, Jason Day, Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson was getting very tense as they approached the 17th hole. With the Internationals one hole in front, Aaron Baddeley blasted a wild tee shot that bounced off the face of a spectator and back on to the fairway.
It was just the lucky break the International team needed, but not so lucky for 60-year old Barry McCarthy of Mount Eliza.
“I had just said that I was in the right position to get hit by a ball. I kid you not, about thirty seconds beforehand I said that, and then ‘bang’, I did,”, Barry said.

Barry’s sunglasses were smashed as the ball careered into his face leaving a surprisingly small, but nasty cut across his nose. As Baddeley approached, Barry began to tell everyone how expensive the glasses were and claimed he felt quite “Baddeley”.

“I’ve been head-hunted in business, but this is ridiculous,” he joked.
As Baddeley approached and saw Barry nursing a bloody towel, he signed a ball and gave it to Barry to thank him for taking one for the team. Baddeley went on to par the hole, matching Woods’ par and eventually secured a point for the Internationals.
If you’re a fan of the International Team, you have a lot to thank Barry for.

One thought on “Bazza laughs off being hit by Baddeley’s ball

  • My name is Michael Toi – From New Zealand and I was there for the week watching the matches (absolutely brilliant).I was standing about 4 people along from Barry when he got hit. I had announced to everyone around that “We are in the ideal place to get hit” out loud that probably made him think the same thing just before it happened(Ironically I had said the exact same thing on Tuesday when Tiger teed off on the 15th and got my Friend on the shoulder) 300m out. It was a blind Tee and so was this (the 17th), he couldn’t see the ball and I don’t think Barry could either. I was able to track it with by Binoculars and I called 4 but he obviously didn’t see it (I remember Barry had his head out looking for the ball to land) when it hit him in the nose. When it happened I thought it had killed him (so did everyone else)around him. The sound was like a Coconut being hit with a club. It was lucky it hit his glasses, it was lucky he was a big guy and tough, it was lucky for Aaron the ball bounced back into the fairway, or he was deep in the bush. I was amazed after Barry first fell down that he got up so quickly and said “I’m ok” (even though blood was pouring out of his nose). Well done Barry, your nose kept us in the game for that day…I hope you are ok and all the best. I have been telling my friends about this and I noticed your photo on Google when looking at President cup images – there’s the guy that got hit! It was a fantastic week of golf! And welcome back Tiger!


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