Bag Boy launch new Quad and Swivel push golf carts

We like the look of these new push carts from Bag Boy, so we’re sharing them here.

We’re on the mailing list of all sorts of golf gear from most of the major golf brands and share a few products we like the look of from time to time. These new golf push carts from Bag Boy caught our eye and we thought we’d pass on the info. We might do this a little more if people are keen to see what new golf stuff is on the market.

From the press release:

Bag Boy Quad XL
The Quad XL is the ultimate push cart for golfers on the go. The new and improved aluminum frame tubing and four wheels make for superior stability, yet the cart remains compact for storage and transport.
The cart is designed for both stand and cart bags with an upper bag bracket that has adjustable support arms. It features a simple two-step fold, a handle mounted parking brake, and an easy one step handle adjustment to make your life simpler.

Bag Boy TwiSwivel II
With 360° swivel of the front wheel, the Bag Boy TwiSwivel II is the push cart for golfers who love effortless manoeuvrability.
The TriSwivel II push cart is compatible with a stand or cart bag via the upper bag bracket. It also features an oversized deluxe scorecard holder, handle mounted parking break, a lightweight weather resistant aluminum frame and integrated beverage holder (which includes a golf ball storage), as well as a tee and pencil holder.

Bag Boy Quad XL RRP $315
Bag Boy TwiSwivel II RRP $345

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