Baby seal checks out the new Ocean Dunes King Island golf course

The new course at Ocean dunes has everyone, and everything, excited.

We can tell from the spectacular photos of Ocean Dunes that it’s going to get some wild weather from time to time, but until now we haven’t given much thought to the wild fauna in the area.

Kevin Rajk is one of the greenkeepers at the spectacular Ocean Dunes golf course that is under construction on King Island, and last week he spotted this baby seal checking out the new 6th green. As Rajk mentions in his Instagram post, the 6th green isn’t right on the shoreline, but it’s obviously well within seal-trudging distance.

There hasn’t been Ocean Dunes golf course King Island is on track to officially open in early 2016.

Update: In response to this story, the Ocean Dunes Twitter account posted this close-up pic of the baby seal who is obviously quite comfortable around people. Just wait ’til all the golfers get there, she’s (or he’s) going to love all the company.

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