Baby cane toads swamp golf green in Rockhampton: video

A few bumps in the green turn out to be a mob of baby cane toads.

Rockhampton’s daily newspaper The Bulletin has reported on a plague of baby cane toads covering the fifth green at the Capricorn Country Golf Club.

A local member took the video of the baby cane toads during his round on Sunday.

Between 6am and 7am on Sunday, Mr Pearce was eyeing up the fifth hole at the Capricorn Country Golf Club.

But he was unable to make the shot because thousands of baby cane toads had mobbed the green and decided to have a golf-bugging soiree.

Mr Pearce said the sight, from a distance, looked like an untidy mess of leaves blanketing the green.

Apparently it’s hatching season and a waterhole not far from the green was most likely where the eggs hatched.

I’m assuming cane toads can be considered loose impediments?

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