Australia’s Best Golf Courses

Back in March, Australian Golf Digest released their annual list of the Top 100 Australian Golf Courses. A few weeks ago, the magazine’s editor expanded on the Top 10 in an article in The Australian.

It raised a few questions:

If you’ve played these courses, are they as good as we’re told?
Which one would you like to play the most? (see poll on the right)

2 thoughts on “Australia’s Best Golf Courses

  • Huntingdale not good enough???

  • Well yeah. That’s kinda what I’m getting it. It comes in at 28, no where near the Top 10 I listed here. So, are these Top 10 that much better than huntingdale?

    I suppose once you start rating courses it becomes subjective when you place them at 9 or 10 or 28.


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