Australians on the Euro Tour

In the tradition of the new referral system, let’s take a look at the Australian golfers on the European Tour this year with some traffic signals.
Green means they will win and make a big impact. Amber means it’s possible with some reservations and red….no chance.

Scott Strange, Brett Rumford

These two guys are underrated. Scott Strange battles away and has two wins on the tour with four top-10s last year. Brett Rumford has three European Tour wins and may be slightly disturbed by his time in Australia, notably at the gusty Australian Open but he’ll come back strong. Both these guys are very strong mentally and will win again.

Richard Green, Scott Hend,

Rick Kulacz

We’ve all seen the sort of golf Richard Green is capable off with some great victories over the years. He’s very consistent but had an ordinary 2009 by his standards. Scott Hend has played all over the world and never quite pushed to the next level. Some Australian form shows he’s on the right track but only time will tell.

Marcus Fraser, Peter O’Malley, Andrew Tampion, Matthew Zions

Marcus Fraser and Peter O’Malley have been true “journeymen” in Australian golf. Fraser’s form is inconsistent and its no secret that Captain Caveman putts better than O’Malley. All these guys will struggle on tour this year.
Australian prospects on the 2010 PGA Tour

5 thoughts on “Australians on the Euro Tour

  • Brilliant stuff AG. I’d agree re. Rumford and Strange. They’re are extremely talented guys and both could potentially win this season? Will they win in 2010? That’s a tough one. Strange is capable of coming into a tournament with horrendous form and somehow emerging victorious, so it’s nearly impossible to say with him. Rumford is incredibly consistent so you’d expect him to challenge at some stage. Looking forward to Thursdays post…

  • Fraser’s form inconsistent? He broke the record last year for the most consecutive cuts made on the European Tour, which I believe was about 23. He hasn’t won a couple that he should have but that is only a matter of time…he is as talented as anyone.

    Agree that Tampion and Zions will struggle.

  • You’re right. Fraser had some consistency with making cuts last year but I suppose I’ve just been frustrated by his Sunday finishes. Never seems to get close to getting the job done.

    I’d love to see him be truly rewarded for his undeniable talent.

  • Great win by Fraser at the Ballentines amongst a quality field. I think this will kick start an excellent year (and career) for him. He is gradually starting to fulfill his enormous potential.

  • It was a great win. Very solid and impressive. It’s made a mockery of my predictions but I’m glad to see him win.

    Hopefully he can now kick on and win a few more tournaments.


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