Australian PGA Championship: Who will win?

Aussie Golfer was sipping a quiet ale after a sweltering day on the Hyatt Regency Coolum Golf Course the course earlier this year. I was pondering why I hadn’t mimicked the exploits of Nick O’Hern’s finish two years before when my eye caught a large framed case on the wall of the spike bar.

The inscription on it informed me it was the putter John Daly threw into the lake on 18 in 2002. He missed the cut and failed to sign his card. So I suppose he didn’t miss the cut but was DQ’d. A diver took to the lake, fished it out and it was encased and displayed on the wall like Han Solo in commemoration of this hysterical historical event.

The case had hung on the wall ever since John Daly departed the scene of the crime. Admittedly, it wasn’t a “drunk and disorderly, I sleep with my eyes open” kind of crime but a golf crime nonetheless. It’s been taken down this week. The walking “train wreck” doesn’t need to be reminded of this debacle as he attempts to get back on the golfing caboose.

So, can he win the Australian PGA Championship? I can’t see any logic in putting any money on him to win. A top 10 isn’t out of the question though if he can putt. That was all that went wrong last week at Huntingdale. Robert Allenby will be a big chance the way he’s hitting it but it will be all the more difficult with his mother’s illness. Tim Clark, Greg Chalmers, Peter Lonard and Michael Sim will all be in the mix along with Paul Goydos and Geoff Ogilvy who have joined the action.

Aussie Golfer’s picks (3/4 top 10’s last week!): Clark, Allenby, Leishman, and Pampling. What are yours?

It’s a great field and it will be a great tournament. Look out for regular Aussie Golfer reader Mark Statters on the bag for Brad Kennedy!

*Adam Scott has withdrawn from the event after injuring his knee coming out of the water after bodysurfing. Can this guy get anymore accident prone?

5 thoughts on “Australian PGA Championship: Who will win?

  • Tim Clarke for me, he’s the best player in the field, although an Allenby win would be fitting given his situation.

    I can’t believe they took down Daley’s putter, political correctness gone mad, he’s the most politically incorrect golfer of all time, the GM of the Hyatt Coolum should have approached Daly upon his checking in and asked him 1) if he minded it being there and 2) if not, would he sign it!!


    I hope Stats knows what he’s doing?!

  • Would love to see Daly do well, but got a feeling the course wont suit.

    I’m a big Lonard fan, just love the swing! So my top 4 are:


  • John Daly has been very interesting to watch. He doesn’t seem to be focused lately and his golf game is off. I hope he starts doing well soon too!


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