Australian Open TV intro’s from 1979, 1984 and 1987

Some cringe worthy introduction’s to the ABC’s old broadcast of the Australian Open.

I thought it was time to go a little retro as we count down to the opening tee shot of the 2012 Australian Open by looking back at the way the ABC used to broadcast the golf.

Here are three opening sequences from the ABC’s broadcast of the Australian Open starting with 1979’s opening theme above, that features an incredibly dramatic soundtrack. By the time the flying ABC logo hits the screen, you’re just gagging for some golf to hit the screen.

Tom Watson won the Australian Open in 1984 and features here in this opening montage from the same year. It features a lot of circles on squares with music more appropriate for a suburban street comedy rather than a golf tournament.

I love how they include a shot of Bob Shearer smacking his club on the ground in these opening shots. It’s almost elevator music with a bit more drama. Like you’re stuck in one perhaps.

And to finish, here is the intro to the coverage of the 1987 Australian Open:

4 thoughts on “Australian Open TV intro’s from 1979, 1984 and 1987

  • And you have the audacity to call yourself “Aussie Golfer” Those were the Halcien Days of Australian Golf!! Shots of Gary Player, (won the Aus Open a “record” 7 times) Jack Nicklaus (6 times) The Slazenger Golf Club factory in Sydney was churning out thousands of clubs for the Aus & O’Seas markets..Employing hundreds of Aussie Staff.. What about the sight of the “PGF” Staff bags (A Once Proud Aussie Company) toted by Caddies.

    If you are going to “Criticize” Earlier aspects of Golf in Australia, for god’s sake, “Choose Something” you know something about!!! If Aussie Golfer or “Any Other” Golfing Organization for that matter, could Replicate or Bring Australian Golf Back to the “HEIGHTS” of those times. I’d go he for tigging.. You honestly need some education in Golf History.. Kind Regards Ross Baker Traditional Golf Club Maker & Golf Historian. Barnbougle “Lost Farm” Golf Links Tasmania..

  • History of golf is great… No matter which way we look at it. The main thing is… We should never forget how important these individuals were to golf World wide. Thank you for sharing because us followers in Canada never see or think of searching for that content.

  • My apologies Ross. It certainly wasn’t my intention to come across as critical. I love these old videos. It’s just the way it was and I was just having some fun with it.

  • No worries.. Thanks for that… Remember “The Job For All Of Us” is to “Get Australian Golf Going Again” We need to look at and learn from our “Past” That’s where us Golf Historians can be of help.. don’t hesitate to ask.. We are only a Call or email away.. Keep On Keeping On.. Kind Regards Ross..


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