2008 Australian Open will be Scott free

Adam Scott has pulled out of the Australian Open due to the knee injury suffered in the surf at Coolum last week. It’s the second tournament in as many weeks Scott has withdrawn from. At the very least he will not have to field questions regarding not yet winning in Australia.

Aussie Golfer is actually free this weekend if tournament organisers are looking for a replacement. I’d probably only have to be available Thursday and Friday anyway.

3 thoughts on “2008 Australian Open will be Scott free

  • Sad.

    Makes you wonder where his priorities lie.

    You can never see Tiger doing something like this.

  • I know there’ll be lots said about Scott pulling out and most will be negative, so I’ll stick up for him, he apparently dislocated his knee (not a nice injury if there is such a thing) and would have played in quite a bit of discomfort and would have serverely hampered his chances of winning (which is what they are all out there to do)! Oh but Tiger wouldn’ do this, bullshit I say, yes Tiger played A MAJOR with his injury and that is the difference and lets be honest Australian golf tournaments aren’t what they used to be, so at the end of a long year why play injured just for the sake of golf fans, yes we’d like to see him play, but at his best not on one leg, it’s not a major, it’s certainly no 5th major any more, so get over the naysayers!

    Rest up Adam, there are bigger targets for you to aim at next year!

  • I’m with you AD. I’m sure he would have played had he been fit. I know he wants to win here but there’s bigger things to consider.


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