Australian Masters to leave Huntingdale

The tradition has ended. The Australian Masters which has been held annually at Huntingdale since 1979 will move to another of Melbourne’s great sandbelt courses from next year.

Aussie Golfer doesn’t necessarily think this is a bad thing. Golf in Australia needs to change and the talk of getting big name international golfers to come down to play in the event in future (Tiger included) is exciting.

It just feels like the pack ice that once was a solid professional Australian golf tour is still melting. Maybe the refreeze will be better than what we had before.

*Note: Mastercard no longer sponsor the Australian Masters but the sponsorship continues in the domain name of the official Australian Masters website!

2 thoughts on “Australian Masters to leave Huntingdale

  • Wouldn’t have such amateur mistakes on this website.

  • Well I wouldn’t think so. But you’ll let me know if there is any though right?


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