Australian Masters: Round 2

That was a fascinating day of golf. Adam Bland’s round was fantastic and leads by two shots. Sergio Garcia’s round also phenomenal in the conditions.
Cut set at +3. Robert Allenby scrapes in!
Round 3 tee times have been released.
Scores after round 2.

Just caught up with the guys at Cheltenham Golf Club concerning their golf course being used as a car park for the Australian Masters. Taking it all in their stride with a smile. Video to come.

The wind is still strong and hot. All bars on course getting a huge work out.
Robert Allenby just nailed a spectator on the head who was taken away dazed, but seemingly ok, to hospital. Bob gave him a signed ball for his troubles. They may both have their feet up on the weekend.

I’m not so sure the hype has waned this year. Crowd around Tiger is massive.

To be honest, Sergio looked happy enough on course yesterday. Today, he’s positively gleaming. Great round.

Back on course folks and the weather is hot and steamy. That could be the end of the good weather, rain on its way. There’ll be a wet jungle cat on course this afternoon.

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