Australian Handicapping changes

As reported by Aussie Golfer last week, Golf Australia is on track to introduce the USGA handicapping system in Australia. And it’s about bloody time.

Yesterday’s media release from Golf Australia indicates that handicapping changes will soon be made across Australia and a variation of the USGA system will be implemented.

Golf Australia Chairman Anne Lenagan explained the challenge which Golf Australia has been debating for the past three years:
“Right from the outset, we knew we were going to have to commit money either to making overdue amendments to our current systems or on implementing a new system. “We weighed up continuing to invest in our unique method against implementing a system that’s widely in place around the world, and the arguments just kept coming down in favour of the USGA System.

She went on to say (and I love someone who asks and answers their own questions:

“Does Golf Australia want to adopt the USGA Handicap System? The answer is absolutely yes. Does Golf Australia want to make a few minor modifications to the system to have it better reflect the typical characteristics of Australian golf? Yes. Have other countries been able to secure similar modifications? Yes.

Golf Australia CEO Stephen Pitt went on to say a few things about the new system I’ve touched on in previous articles. I’ll outline them in another post soon. In the meantime, I strongly suggest you head to these Golf Australia sources.

  1. A Q&A sheet produced by Golf Australia on the USGA Handicap System in Australia.
  2. Operating points of the USGA Handicap System in an Australian context.

The times they are a-changin’.

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