Aussie Golfer Crossword #1

Let’s blow this whole golf blog thing wide open! A cryptic golf crossword has been created.

Cryptics aren’t like regular crosswords with hints nestled in the clues. In this case, answers and some clues are all golf related. I’m happy to pass on hints if need be.

Let me know if it was worthwhile. Maybe it was a bad idea.

The first word gurus to complete the crossword (email the answers to [email protected]) will have there names posted up in lights next week.


  1. Mickelson style direction of Tiger’s hand (8)
  2. Obstacle right in ball support (4)
  3. Dodge golfer (5)
  4. Little split by australian legend initials for club (5)
  5. Beat in return game (4)
  6. Hot top in course obstacle with set model for bad green work (5,4)
  7. Night before northern score
  8. Press club (4)


  1. Jumbo player (5)
  2. Turn rug around in renovated course (3)
  3. Dominates tournament (7)
  4. A forest for top club (3,4)
  5. Round sty and event for all (4)
  6. Attic angle (4)
  7. Complete western part of golf course (5)
  8. Ball marking in bad imp lesson (6)
  9. Shaft poor shot (5)
  10. Level road top under father (3)

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