Aussie Golfer 1st Birthday

Aussie Golfer turns one.

Aussie Golfer is one year old today and wishes to thank those who have been continually giving feedback on how to improve the site. Please continue to do so as the next year looks like an exciting time with many more articles, site improvements and hopefully some giveaways!

Let’s celebrate with some trivia for the weekend, ’cause who doesn’t love trivia?

  1. Who was the last foreign player to win the Australian Open?
  2. What’s the penalty for playing out of order?

Answers on Monday!

4 thoughts on “Aussie Golfer 1st Birthday

  • I seem to remember a Danish winner of the Australian Open…probably 2001 or so – my bet’s on Thomas Bjorn. I don’t think there is a penalty for playing out of order……dawn hanging, naturally…but other than that?

  • Ohhh, and Happy Birthday 🙂

  • Hmmm, he didn’t win the Australian Open but he did wih the Heineken Classic in Perth in 1998! That must be the one you’re thinking of. I wonder how he felt about winning a tournament sponsored by a Dutch beer.

    Ohhh, and thanks!


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