Ashes Golf

This may the craziest idea Aussie Golfer has ever had.

Watching the Ashes series this year I wondered whether we need to consider the idea of an Ashes Golf Series. I realise on first thoughts the whole idea may sound a little ridiculous but just give me a moment.

It could be staged at the end of every second year. Maybe even in line with the Ashes cricket series. Obviously the host country would be alternated and a matchplay format would take place along the lines of the Presidents and Ryder Cups.

If it was played right now this would be the teams:

Australia England
Geoff Ogilvy Paul Casey
Robert Alleby Lee Westwood
Adam Scott Ian Poulter
Mathew Goggin Ross Fisher
Brendan Jones Luke Donald
Aaron Baddeley Oliver Wilson
Rod Pampling Justing Rose
Michael Sim Chris Wood
John Senden Nick Dougherty
Stuart Appleby Anthony Wall

On current form, I reckon we’d get walloped but there’s some fantastic match-up’s and while it wouldn’t have the global build up the Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup has, it would be invaluable experience for players on both sides.

The more I think about this the more I think it could work. The interest would extend outside the realms of your normal golfing follower. Australia likes beating England at anything. England likes to return the favour just as much right?

I am under no illusions that this will most probably never get off the ground due to the already jammed packed golfing calendar. It would take the players to get on board for this to happen.

I am still interested in your thoughts. What do you think, crazy idea or one to muse over a little more?

4 thoughts on “Ashes Golf

  • Hey! I like it.
    Don’t know about Scott as number 3 after this morning’s performance. But sure, we’d thrash them.
    It just won’t happen, unfortunately. But at least golf is an Olympic sport again

  • Yeah I based them on current world rankings. His current form wouldn’t put him in the best 50 Australian golfers!

  • You’re just looking for another excuse to beat up on the poms! Show some mercy already!

  • As you said, probably due to time constraints this won’t happen. Maybe run it as a side bet to the World Cup.

    Nice to think about the result though!

    Get rid of Adam Scott and Aaron Baddeley. Put in a couple from the Nationwide tour.


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