An Organic Golf Course

Kabi Golf Course is located on the Sunshine Coast, not far from Noosa and is one of the very few organic golf courses in Australia, if not the world. What does this even mean?

According to the Kabi Golf Course website:

“Kabi Golf Course’s objective is to become a totally self-sufficient facility. This includes, beef, chicken and all fruit, herbs etc to be used in our kitchen menu. The entire property is maintained organically without the use of any synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or any other chemicals that are traditional ones used on golf courses and orchards.

The golf course and orchard are BFA {Biological Farmers Association} certified. Kabi is the only golf course in the Australia that is currently certified by the BFA. Research has shown us that Kabi is potentially the only golf course in the southern hemisphere if not the world that is certified organic body that is answerable to a government body.”
This is really cool. The entire site is aiming to be totally self-sufficient compost toilets for re-using waste, cattle and chickens, fruit trees and a whole range of abundant local wildlife too. They also have a golf course! Two of them to be exact. An 18 hole par-3 course and a full length nine hole course (The Orchard Nine). There’s been a lot of talk about what a golf course of the future might look like, this may well be it.

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  • Hi
    I reside in Adelaide SA and have not been able to play often due to the synthetic pesticides and chemicals (restricting me to the range and an occasional hit at a course followed by cleaning every surface on me, equip, buggy etc). Are there any organic golf courses in SA? and where are the other organic golf courses in Australia?


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