An Ode to Real Golfers

An Ode to Real Golfers

Real golfers clean grooves and know what GUR means
Real golfers have golf shoes and don’t play in jeans

Real golfers don’t hate courses just because they’ve played poor
Real golfers don’t ask “Is this is a par 5 or 4?”

Real golfers play promptly and make measured “Fore!” calls
Real golfers love golf gear but not fluoro balls

Real golfers have pencils and gladly keep score
Real golfers never play in groups of five or more

Real golfers have an idea where their ball’s to be found
Real golfers fix plugmarks and yearn for four hour rounds

Real golfers will walk and often dress like fools
Real golfers always know and play by the rules

by Michael Green
Aussie Golfer

with thanks to Piers Lewis, Chris Mercer, James Mercer

4 thoughts on “An Ode to Real Golfers

  • The hard working Aussies at Vision Golf wont be pleased that real golfers don’t play fluoro balls!

  • Ah you’re right! I’ll need to think through this poem again. Still, their Arctic White ball is pretty cool (no pun intended).

  • Thanks for the Ode which I hope you don’t mind that I reproduce on Golf-Shoes-Blog



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