Amazing new Cowpat Golf Targeting Device (Patent pending)

SOMETIMES the very best inventions in the world come completely by chance … a lightbulb moment that changes the existing paradigm in an instant.

An interesting guest post from Brian O’Hare at Australian Senior Golfer

Like Dr Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, the development of the very first Amazing new Cowpat Golf Targeting Device (Patent pending) (CGTD) came entirely out of the blue.

The story of how the CGTD was initially conceived and constructed is almost as amazing as the golf training aid product itself.

It all came about shortly after I had acquired a new 56 degree wedge (Cleveland CBX).

It’s a very attractive looking wedge and while it looked great leaning against a wall or sitting in my golf bag alongside my other clubs, I soon realised if it was actually going to be of any benefit to humanity overall, I needed to learn how to operate it.

To that end I grabbed half a dozen golf balls and took the wedge outside. The problem was, outside at that time happened to be the centre of a 5,000 acre cattle property where I was staying for a few weeks.

I found a half decent section of turf, dropped the golf balls to the ground, and hit half a dozen maybe 40 metre chip/pitch shots – just to feel the balls on the face of the club. (It does say “Feel Balancing Technology” on the back of the Cleveland wedge)

I went and retrieved the golf balls, dodging a few fresh cowpats on the way, and looking up to plot my next move I suddenly realised the full extent of the conundrum I was facing.

There I was with a golf club that would maybe fly a ball 80 metres or so if I hit it really well – and in any case the real point of the wedge is short range accuracy – and I was in the middle of 5,000 acre property. (“The property goes 10 kilometres that way,” I recalled the owner telling me)

Worse still, it was actually a landlocked property and even if I managed to shank a ball over the fence into the neighbouring farm, the place next door was 15,000 acres.

“There just seemed to be way too much room for error”

There just seemed to be way too much room for error.

But then I saw it. It was a stick. A rather nondescript looking stick just a foot and half long  … but it did have a bit of a point at one end.

It must have been the way Errol Flagstick (or whoever it was) felt when he first invented the golf flag.

I’ll stick that stick in the ground and it will give me something to aim at, I thought. Alas, the paddock ground proved far too unforgiving compared to the stick’s tensile strength.

Then I’ll stick that stick in that cowpat … and that will give me something to aim at, I decided, not fully realising in that instant the significance of my Thomas Edison lightbulb moment.

As luck would have it, the particular cowpat I chose, the one I considered to be in the perfect target location in relation to the rest of the 5,000 acres available, had been laid (technical term) probably three days earlier. That made it the perfect consistency to accept the insertion of the stick, hold it in place, and not crack or give way.

As I discovered in coming days, the whole Amazing new Cowpat Golf Targeting Device (Patent pending) installation actually improved with age. As my expertise with the 56 degree wedge improved (a little) it became less of an issue on the odd occasions when the ball actually ended up on top of the cowpat next to the stick.

As the cowpat aged the upper crust hardened and while it still held the stick/visual targeting aid firmly in place, it made golf ball retrieval much more pleasant. (In the early days of a new CGTD installation it might be handy to have a bucket of water and cleaning cloth nearby)

Make your very own Amazing new Cowpat Golf Targeting Device (Patent pending)

Over the course of a few days it gradually began to dawn on me the tremendous benefit the CGTD could offer to golfers everywhere. There was also the huge marketing potential this novel and extremely effective golf targeting device presented.

I realised I could bring this great new golf training aid product to market, write one of those really, really long email marketing pages (“Want to drive your golfing buddies absolutely nuts with your amazingly accurate wedge play? Want to really give them the shits? …. But wait, there’s more” … pages and pages of it) and make an absolute fortune; or I could just be nice and share it with humanity gratis – out of the kindness of my heart.

Being such a nice, magnanimous person, I’ve chosen the latter.

So in Part 2 of this breakout article series we will tell you how to assemble your very own Amazing new Cowpat Golf Targeting Device (Patent pending).

Unlike in our original situation, you probably won’t have 450 odd cows wandering around offering you daily (at least) cowpat targeting alternatives. So how to you source your very own cowpat?

How do you choose from the best pats available? How long should you wait for a fresh pat to mature? How to choose an appropriate stick, and when to stick it in. (That’s usually the big newbie mistake – trying to put it in too early … or too late).

How to most effectively use the CGTD in your golf practice. Is there a version you can use at home in your lounge room? And many, many more helpful hints.

So if you really want to improve your golfing wedge play, look out for Part 2 of this important series.

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