Allenby to join Euro Tour

Well I didn’t see this comment from Robert Allenby coming even though the signs were there a few years ago. Allenby was blasted by some back in 2006 for commenting on the boring PGA Tour and the similarity in courses that are played on. Drive and short iron, drive and short iron, drive and short iron, target golf.

He’s now decided to play less on the US PGA Tour and spend more time on the Euro Tour from next year going back to where is professional career began. The Euro Tour now holds the season ending Dubai World Championship where the winner bags £5million and another £5million go to the remaining top 15 finishers. The frustrating Australian golfer put it best: “You’re talking 20 million bucks. You’d be stupid not to join”.

He’s one of a few planning to play more in Europe. Vijay Singh will play the minimum number needed (11, which is only a few more when you consider he already plays the WGC events and the majors which are part of the Euro Tour anyway) while Geoff Ogilvy and Phil Mickelson are also considering it.

It’ll take a long time for all top US Tour players to make a dramatic switch but maybe we will see more talk of a world tour again in the next 10 years. That would be truly great for golf.

One thought on “Allenby to join Euro Tour

  • October 1, 2008 at 22:48

    Um, where has Robert got his figures from, it’s 1.666 million US dollars for the championship win, and 2 million dollars for topping the table. Who’s talking 20 million bucks? I think he’s in for a disappointment…

    And they announced today that it will be a minimum of 12 events to be involved, but they already play seven with the majors and WGCs. They may as well play another five.


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