Allenby apologises for “worst course” remark

Allenby overheard on camera saying he is no a fan of The Lakes.

Robert Allenby was square with the card as he found a bunker on the par-5 11th hole during yesterday’s opening round of the Australian Open. His fairway bunker shot skipped over the green and went into a bunker behind the green.

And here is where the controversy started.

Channel 7’s microphone then caught him making a few keen observations about the course.

“Well built greens eh? Certainly on top of the list as one of the worst courses I’ve ever played”, Allenby was heard to say. It left the commentators stunned.

There is an argument here that the microphones are a little too intrusive and in the heat of the moment, golfers can say things they don’t mean, or didn’t think would be made public.

In his defence, I’ve also heard a few other golfers say the greens aren’t up to scratch this week, most likely because of the nematode problem (microscopic worms that attack the root systems) that the club has battled with over the past few months.

But all the same, Allenby would know that everything he says is ready to be overheard by someone or something. He should know as well as anyone to be a little more prudent before saying something that may cause offence. Or afence.

Here was his apology on Twitter last night. Followed by another tweet. And a reply from Scottish golf writer John Huggan.

Sorry if I afended any members today @ the lakes on my comments on the course , the course in fine, I’m just not a fan of the greens, sorry

— Robert Allenby (@aussieallenby) December 6, 2012

@aussieallenby robert, do yourself a favour and get some english lessons….jeez

— John Huggan (@johnhuggan) December 6, 2012

4 thoughts on “Allenby apologises for “worst course” remark

  • The bloke is a goose.
    This is not the first time something like this has happened.
    He is a regular whinger and this time the audience heard… when normally it is only the crowd.

    Carl Spackler

    • Well said Carl …
      Spoilt bratt…
      Go back usa we dont want you…

  • You blokes get on his back every time he says anything. if he’s not a fan of the greens, then l;et him say it, at least he’s giving an honest opinion and not trotting out the company line.

    Judge Smails

  • You blokes get on his back every time he says anything. if he’s not a fan of the greens,


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