Adam Scott happy to be first player penalized for slow play on PGA Tour in over 20 years

Adam Scott is so keen on seeing the PGA Tour officials take a firm stance on slow play that he is happy enough to be the first player in 20 years to be penalized for slow play.

Brian Wacker at Golf Digest reports that Scott has already chatted to the PGA Tour about their unwillingness to enforce slow play penalties and doesn’t mind if he’s the first if it means getting serious on players increasing their pace of play on tour.

Adam Scott said he recently told the PGA Tour’s chief of tournaments and competitions Andy Pazder that he’d be willing to take a penalty in order to get guys to speed up, the theory being that the tour would show that it was serious about pace of play and enforcing a penalty that is rarely enforced.

“Make me the victim,” the 2013 Masters champion and 13-time PGA Tour winner said. “I’ll take the penalty. The only way it’s going to work is if you enforce it.”

Brooks Koepka has also been vocal on this issue on SirusXM radio that no one has the courage, or “the balls” to do anything about it.

“If we get put on the clock, it’s because we’re slow. Obviously, we’ve already broken the rules,” Koepka continued. “Usually if you’re put on the clock, it’s because you’re slow. Guys keep being put on the clock, keep doing it and keep doing it. They’re breaking the rules but no one ever has the balls to actually penalize them. Just penalize them.”

Literally, time will tell if the PGA Tour ever has the courage to start clamping down on this.

With Brooks Keopka and now Adam Scott getting vocal about slow play, maybe a ground swell is happening and things may soon change.

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