Adam Scott and Steve Williams part ways

Adam Scott has parted ways with his long-time caddie Steve Williams.

The partnership of Adam Scott and caddie Steve Williams has come to an end. Adam Scott announced the split in a statement late yesterday:

“Steve has been an integral part of my team in a period where I have fulfilled some of my lifetime golfing goals,” Scott said.

“His dedication and professionalism have been without question, and his friendship is highly valued.

“Our priorities and stages of life are different now, and so we decided that this is the best time to end our partnership.”

Williams almost retired after Scott’s Masters victory in 2013 but has said that he would roll back his caddying commitments in 2015 to spend more time in New Zealnd with his family. It appears that Scott requires a someone on the bag full time and has decided to end the partnership.

“My initial plan for the future was to reduce the amount of tournaments I caddied in,” Williams said.

“After discussing this in detail with Adam it became evident that my plan was not going to fit with Adam’s requirements and so we decided to end our partnership.”

The Scott-Williams pairing came about after the controversial sacking of Williams by his former boss, Tiger Woods. The combination has brought with it some heartbreak – most notably Scott’s capitulation at the 2012 Open Championship.

But enduring memory of the pairing will be Adam Scott’s Masters victory in 2013. The win saw Scott become the first ever Australian to win the green jacket after he rolled in a putt on the second playoff hole. Scott referred to Williams to read the line of the putt for him as he had trouble seeing it in near darkness.

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