A simple, easy golf tip on chipping from Brad Hughes: video

Two-time Australian Masters champion Brad Hughes tells you how to play a chip shot when you don’t have to loft the golf ball.

Ahead of last week’s Victorian Open, former Australian Masters champion Brad Hughes give us a chipping tip via the Golf Victoria YouTube channel.

It’s a common mistake that (as Hughes mentions) that you see all too often in amateur golf. Players trying to loft the ball with a wedge rather than using the contours of the green to get the ball to the hole using a number of different clubs.

This is a great, simple golf tip video. Applicable to all golfers and clearly explained.

As opposed to this guy who tries to explain Tiger Woods’ chipping yips and how to conquer them for Golf.com. I think I know what he means, but geez it’s not easy to follow. Perhaps don’t watch unless you really wanna be confused about the chip shot.

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