A short golf resolution for 2010

Aussie Golfer has never been one for New Years Resolutions. If you want to resolve something, do it now. Don’t wait until the rounding off of a particular date in the calendar.

Having said that, it does no harm to set your own personal golfing goals. Challenge yourself but do not forget your short game.

Over and over the short game rears its head. A good short game can turn an average round into a very good one or a good round into something special. A bad short game does nothing but clock up strokes.

It is no secret half the game of golf is made up of shots constituting a short game so spend half of your time practising it.

2010 is the year of the short game. Happy New Year.

4 thoughts on “A short golf resolution for 2010

  • While checking some Tour stats for a post last week, I discovered that the average Tour player gets up and down only 57.52% of the time. The number one scrambler on Tour, Tiger, got up and down 68.18% of the time. That’s a difference of nearly 2 strokes per round! Is it any wonder he won so often?

    Declaring 2010 the “year of the short game” sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

  • While Mike is being a little generous (I calculated it at about .65 strokes per round and about 2.6 per tournament), it is incredibly important.

    At my club, the best players while practicing are found chipping and putting, NOT pounding balls.

  • Agreed. My groupmates stare at me funny when I hit the putting green for a few quick chips and putts before we tee off. And then I proceed to beat them.

  • Cheers Vince. I’d been wondering exactly how this is converted and thinking it was a little generous.

    All the same it is an interesting one and the point well made.


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