A search for the most comfortable golf shoe

Aussie Golfer has been on a bit of a mission over the past few months to find the most comfortable golf shoes available.
Many golf shoes look great, some feel pretty good in that golf shoe kinda way but very few give that feel like wearing runners.
I’ve been eyeing off all golf shoes that walk past like some sort of golf shoes fetish freak, assuming (incorrectly) that I can glean some idea of comfort with an owl like stare.
This unblinking gaze was squarely aimed at Fred Couples’ golf shoes during last weekend’s Champions Tour tournament. What are they? Sneakers?! They look like a pair of Tom Boyle’s that I used to have. The comfiest shoes I’ve ever worn I might add. Ask any skater if you don’t believe me.

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They turned out to be Ecco’s new range of golf “street” shoes. I never knew Ecco made golf shoes and Fred Couples could probably make clogs look comfortable but they look fantastic except for one thing.
They have no spikes in the bottom of them. They can’t of course as they couldn’t be worn “on the street” if they did but will all golf courses allow them? Can you really see members of Pennant Hills, Royal Adelaide or Kingston Heath letting these through the door?
I still want a pair. They’ll look good when I hit my ball over the fence onto Links Street.
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2 thoughts on “A search for the most comfortable golf shoe

  • Let’s see…you title the piece a search for the most comfortable golf shoe, then talk exclusively about ONE type of STREET shoe. Just a friendly word to say I hope you make it more worth one’s while to click the links in your future tweets.


  • Yep. In my search that has been the most comfortable looking golf shoe (singular, as the title suggested). Any thoughts on them?

    If I see another I’m happy to write about it. In fact, there may be one next week since this article was written. I’ll tweet ya! 😉


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