A golf ball made to find water

Occasionally there comes a piece of golf writing that is impossible to put down and I just have to share.
The “I wish I wrote that” golf article for this month is last weekend’s piece by Simon Webster, Putt out and plate up.
It concerns a new biodegradable golf ball produced in Barcelona called the Ecobioball. The golf ball is aimed at anyone who is fond of launching the white pills into the ocean. The ball’s out layers biodegrade in less than 48 hours releasing fish food from the ball’s core.

The invention is only one step from real progress – a biodegradable golf ball containing human food, which could be a lifesaver in emergencies, such as when golfers reach the halfway point in a round only to find the sausage sanger cart is closed.

For more info on the ball itself: Ecobioball website.

Image courtesy of albusgolf.com

2 thoughts on “A golf ball made to find water

  • Wow, this is an incredible article and an incredible product!

    Personally here at Visual Golf we’re not sure if this is product is going to take off… but guess only time will tell. Will they “sink or swim??” (Sorry couldn’t resist)

    Good golf videos on their page though – like it.

    Visual Golf – golf video production

  • I think this is a great idea. As long as the ball plays well, I think this will be picked up by eco-friendly golfer everywhere!


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