A couple more ‘highlights’ from the PGA Championship

Here are a couple more things that happened at the 2011 PGA Championship last week.
Firstly, this video shows a bizarre couple of shots played by Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler. Both we played within minutes of each other during the third round, but their golf shots were almost identical. Come up short, bounce off the wall and onto the green.

Secondly, here is a great story submitted by a reader to Golf Digest, concerning Phil Mickelson and his wayward golf in the same tournament. He had just nailed a spectator on the head and signed a glove for the man’s troubles:
Sitting on the ground and looking up at Phil, the man said “This is my first golf tournament, and I get hit in the head!” A little smile formed at the corner of Phil’s mouth, and he said, “Sir, if this wasn’t your first tournament, you would have known to pay more attention when I’m hitting driver.”
I give up. Big Phil sounds immensely likable after this?! What’s he playing at?

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