2010 US Open: TV times

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The 2010 US Open is probably the most agreeable golf major for Australian viewers with an East Coast venue, Pebble Beach hosting this year. 
If you’re a morning person you can pretty much watch the whole thing across Channel 10 and One HD this weekend. I fear the Aussies may not be in the hunt come Monday morning but stranger things have happened.

Friday June 18, 2010
8am – 12pm
3am – 12pm 

Saturday June 19, 2010
8am – 12pm
3am – 12pm 
Sunday June 20, 2010
9am – 1pm
6:30am – 1pm 
Monday June 21, 2010
5am – 11pm
6am – 11pm 

2 thoughts on “2010 US Open: TV times

  • Get your “days versus dates” right, dudes.

  • Apologies and thanks for bringing in to our attention! Must have got through the sub-editor!


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