10 signs you’re an Aussie Golf tragic

  1. You take a rake to the beach to smooth over your own footprints.
  2. When you hear the words “plus-fours”, you immediately think: Rodger Davis.
  3. You kinda wished Greg Norman had never got in contention in the 2008 British Open.
  4. A capitulation in a friend’s golf game leads to a new nickname: IBF.
  5. You really believe the newspaper articles telling us how this year is our best chance of winning at Augusta.
  6. You want to punch that guy at all the US events that screams “get in the hole!”.
  7. You mark your ball with a VB bottle top.
  8. You’re trying to convince your club to allow you to put 6 inch nails through your thongs and let you play in them.
  9. You’ve taped up one side of the ball to see if you can get it to swing.
  10. Of course you’d like the green jacket but believe the gold jacket would suit you as well.

Thanks to Sportsmouth and Jake Szabo for their input on this post.

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