World Golf Championships on TV

Channel Ten’s One HD are covering the World Golf Championship Bridgestone Invitational this weekend. The country chosen to host this fabulous world event this week is…..the United States of America!

The event gathers the world’s top golfers in one place for four tournaments a year, this week it’s at Firestone Country Club in Ohio. You’re going to have to be really keen, just getting in or have jetlag to see it at these crazy hours though.

Friday and Saturday: 4am – 8am.
Sunday and Monday: 2am – 8am.
There’s repeat showings later each day except Saturday.

During the telecast on Sunday and Monday there’s a show called “Omnisport” that One HD have thrown in at 3:30am? Right in the middle of the third and final round golf coverage! Let me know if anyone sees this show and whether it was worth the interruption to the golf.

[Thanks to Virge from the comment section below, we’ve established the half hour break is due to a break in US golf programming. Usually coinciding with a switch in US TV networks.]

P.S. If you can’t watch this week, Fox Sports have the PGA Championship next week. Details to come.

3 thoughts on “World Golf Championships on TV

  • This site is the Great! I have already told all of my friends and co workers about it!

  • The break is due to a programming break in the USA. We get the break with fox sports as well.

    Usually contains the switch to CBS from the golf channel coverage.


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